Hierl presents photographs of Picasso at a bullfight (Spain)
Written by Cesar Fandiño
August 8, 2006
A young German photographer, Hubertus Hierl, unexpectedly discovered the Aug. 7, 1966, when it took images of a heifer in France, that the public was Pablo Picasso, and today shows in Malaga attitudes that externalize the artist during the feast .
Hierl had traveled this summer to the South of France to reflect "the life of the colorful and crazy guys on the French Riviera," according to reports in the photographer's own catalog of the exhibition, which will be installed in the premises of the Economic Society of Friends Country until next September 30.
When he decided to go to the race today forty years in a Roman amphitheater in Frejus did not expect to find the face that most wanted to photograph, the enigmatic and distant Picasso, accompanied by his wife Jacqueline and without the usual presence of other photographers around.
The young photographer asked permission for the artist portraits, something which he accepted, and the result can be seen today in the eighty exposed photographs, many of them unpublished, selected among the 120 who Hierl has donated to the Picasso Foundation, based in Casa Natal creator of Malaga, which has organized the exhibition.
With the expressiveness of an elderly man known as Picasso, to meet the next 85 years, his face accurately reflects each of the sets of the bullfight, from the enthusiasm with which they applauded until matador to the concern with which envisages a fuck, going for the honor which implies that the dexterous hand over his ear that he has achieved as a trophy.
The second part of the exhibition shows the moment when the artist leaves the stage where it has developed the celebration of bullfighting, where, surrounded by an audience expecting to see up to the great creator of the twentieth century, is with his nephew Javier Vilató , The son of his sister Lola, before getting to his car, a white Alfa Romeo.
Hierl, who attended the presentation of the sample, concluded his remarks, delivered on his behalf by his son because the photographer did not speak Spanish, with a quote from Dora Maar, who, when he finished his relationship with Picasso and received a proposal marriage of the poet Paul Eluard, he replied: "After Picasso, only God."